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Guidelines for Submission

Guidelines for Submission

Registration & Submission Guideline

Guidelines for Authors

Participant presentations are welcome, pending the approval of the technical committee. On-line submissions of abstract and highlight are required.
Please download the abstract and highlight templates below.

Abstract template for PACCON2015 Example file
Highlight template for PACCON2015 Example file
Proceedings template for PACCON2015  

For submission, please go to register form.
If "Submission" system is inaccessible, please contact  or call +662-470-8843 (for Thai), +662-470-8974 (for English). 

General Abstract Information

  1. Authors must prepare both abstract and highlight.
  2. Abstract must be written in English and not exceed 300 words.
  3. Abstract can include photograph (no tables, diagrams, etc.) but it should not exceed one page.
  4. Follow abstract and highlight formats.
  5. Name your abstract and highlight files as Lastname_Initial-Abstract.doc and Lastname_Initial-Highlight.doc, respectively.
  6. Abstract can be submitted either for oral or poster presentation. Please note that abstract submitted for oral presentation may be accepted for poster presentation.
  7. Abstract and highlight must be submitted on-line only.
  8. Please note that at least one of the authors of an accepted abstract must register and pay registration fee.
  9. For more than one submission from an author, the author has to create different login account for each submission.
  10. All accepted highlights will be included in  the Program & Highlight Book (electronic version).
  11. Accepted abstracts will be available on PACCON2015 website for download.

Full Paper Submission Guideline

  1. The authors of accepted contributions at the PACCON2015 are encouraged to submit their papers in full text for publication in proceedings of the PACCON2015 conference.
  2. Acceptance of your abstract does not guarantee acceptance of your full paper. Full papers are peer reviewed and the final decision of paper acceptance will be made on the basis of this full paper review.
  3. Manuscript must be submitted on-line.
  4. Technical information about the full text paper requirements is provided in the following template file: Proceedings template for PACCON2015.

For additional information concerning the PACCON2015 Proceedings, please contact

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