Tuesday, 26 September 2017 10:39:20 AM      


Pure and Applied International conference 2015 (PACCON2015)

Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
Bangkok 10140 Thailand

Tel: +662-470-8843 (for Thai), +662-470-8974 (for English)
Fax: +662-470-8843
e-mail: paccon2015@kmutt.ac.th

facebook: paccon2015

For Acedemic Questions, please contact the chair in each session by using the following Email Address:

1. Analytical Chemistry: paccon2015_anc@kmutt.ac.th

2. Inorganic Chemistry: paccon2015_inc@kmutt.ac.th

3. Organic and Green Chemistry: paccon2015_org@kmutt.ac.th

4. Physical and Theoretical Chemistry: paccon2015_PHY@kmutt.ac.th

5. Environmental Chemistry: paccon2015_ENV@kmutt.ac.th

6. Natural Products, Biological Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry: paccon2015_nbm@kmutt.ac.th 

7. Materials Science and Nanotechnology: paccon2015_msn@kmutt.ac.th

8. Industrial Chemistry and Innovation: paccon2015_ici@kmutt.ac.th

9. Polymer and Petroleum Chemistry: paccon2015_ppc@kmutt.ac.th

10. Food and Agricultural Chemistry: paccon2015_fac@kmutt.ac.th

11. Chemical Education: paccon2015_che@kmutt.ac.th